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Kent Police haul in 25 non-compliant operators

(courtesy: Commercial Motor and Kent Police)

Twenty-five commercial vehicles were stopped for offences including unroadworthiness and breaching drivers’ hours law on Wednesday (24 July), in a multi-agency crackdown on non-compliant operators.

Officers from Vosa and Kent Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit, which is part of its Roads Policing Unit, pulled over a total of 38 LGVs in an operation at the M20 near Folkstone.

Of the 38 vehicles stopped, nine were immediately prohibited for being unroadworthy; nine drivers were prosecuted as they had exceeded their legal drivers’ hours; three drivers were given a prohibition order because their vehicles were overweight; three were given delayed prohibitions to allow for repairs to be carried out and one vehicle was found to have an unsecure load.

Over the course of the day, Police issued 10 drivers with fixed penalty notices.

Police were particularly interested in catching operators that were likely to be carrying stolen goods such as heavy machinery and equipment, vehicles with defects, vehicles that were overweight, and vehicles concealing stowaways. They were also looking for signs of drink or drug driving.

Inspector Paul Sellwood said: “As Kent is the gateway to both the UK and Europe it is vital we take these opportunities to disrupt criminal networks and ensure commercial vehicles driving through Kent to all parts of the country are acting in accordance within the road traffic legislation.”